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Why you'll love It's Pretty Hair.

Committed to the quality ONLY, It's Pretty Hair offers the highest grade of hair available in the United States. We do not just talk about the idea of "good hair", we are good hair. By understanding the fears of buying "bad hair", Pretty Hair will never sacrifice quality for profit or affordability.

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Indulge In The Pretty Hair Experience

In grade school, we considered a 50 percent grade on anything to be a bad thing, right? So why would you buy hair that openly brags about being 5a grade (5/10 quality)? Discover the elements that represent a 90-100 grade and see what makes Pretty Hair's collection simply... perfect.

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It's Pretty Hair Human Hair Extensions Comes In Three Variations.

It's Pretty Hair's is available in lengths from 12" to 30". Our hair is 100% Unprocessed Unmingled Human Hair.

Simply A Higher Quality Of Hair

You might be wondering why you should buy Pretty Hairs' Hair, as opposed to other available suppliers? Well, the truth is simple, you are probably buying 5/10 grade of hair (also known as grade letter F). At Pretty Hair, We sell 10/10 grades only.



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