Russian Hair Weave Scam! February 23 2015

HOT NEW SALE ON ALL EXOTIC DUTCH LANDRACE HAIR… ONLY $50!!! GET IT BEFORE WE RUN OUT! ALL NEW BELLA COLLECTION. The Best Hair Ever!!!! Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag hashtag… Look familiar? Here is a fun experiment, cover half of this picture so you can only see the right side of the flyer. Look at how exciting this post looks! Who wouldn’t want this… right? Exotic? Russian? Virgin? Hair?… all and all you get to pretend to be a diva, booshie and they even used an Italian name “Bella.”. We forgot to mention, Its on sale and its even in “pink.” We all know that’s EVERY girl favorite color. Now remove your hand from the left and see how you feel with the three thumbnails. How much of a booshie diva do you feel now? I like to think of this as EDUCATION mixed with BEING HONEST TO YOURSELF! In the great words of Iyanla, sometimes you have to call a thing a thing! I see this on Instagram a few hundred times a day. So know what your buying and when you see these games being played with you… Remember my post! #boojeehair #bebojee #maveenhair #shehappyhair #allvirginhair