Where Does Brazilian Hair Come From? February 23 2015

The phrase “Brazilian Hair” is another word that is either being misused and abused in the hair industry. It started off as one phrase with a completely different meaning and has become something else simply from the lack of education in the marketplace. 
If we are talking about REAL HAIR – almost all donated hair comes from India, Southeast Asia or Philippines. WHY, because these are POOR countries that donate their hair for money. 

Brazilian women in many ways could be argued to be more materialistic then American Women. ONLY ABOUT 60-70 TONS OF THE 3000 TONS OF the hair sold in the United States is brokerage hair from India. 

This is where common sense breaks down.The booshie Brazillian women shave her head bald, for $0-50, so a manufacturer in China (since 95% of all hair is manufactured in China), can do all of the manual labor of stitching and cleaning the hair for $10-15. They then sell it for $70 to profit MAYBE $5, so a company like@BoojeeHair can sell for $75? In that storyline, the only person who made money would be the original hair donor. Now think about how foolish this is… 

Assuming you have long hair and your not trying to go natural, are you willing to shave your for $50? 

The phrase originated in Asia from manufacturers saying “Hair Like Brazillian Women.” Meaning, do you want LONG HAIR EXTENSIONS. Similar to words like “Remy, Virgin, Raw, etc.” it took a new meaning based on lies and ignorance.

Over time, it was then used to describe the style of the hair “thick or coarse hair – is Brazilian style hair”. In the USA, it has now changed to Hair from Brazilian women, in Brazil. To be continued…