Our Story


Friends of Jolie Cheveux founder were having a conversation about a business trip to China. One of the locations that she visited was a popular Beauty Supply Store.

After expecting the quality of the hair, she was speechless from the  superior quality of the hair. The hair was thicker, softer, smoother and overall more luxurious than any hair they have ever encountered within the United States. What was even more surprising, the hair was less expensive than any lesser quality hair that you would find at local beauty supply store or online.

When she returned, she met with our founder Brandon Jackson to discuss a possible business opportunity. The two of them went on a local search to find a similar quality of hair for sale within the states.

In a desperate attempt, Brandon started buying hair from just about everyone and everything that claimed to have “GOOD HAIR." After spending thousands of dollars, he discovered that people in the United States traditionally buy a lower quality of hair for simply not knowing the difference. He discovered that the hair sold in the United States were grades 4A and 5A -- on a scale of 1 to 10. Meaning the hair sold in the United States is only 40% or 50% as good as the best possible hair on the market.

Outrageously from unknowledgeable hair buyers and suppliers in the industry, the entire market acts as if 4A or 5A is the best possible hair available.

Although many beauty supply stores and online companies claim to have the "best" hair, it's simply not true. The two of them were shocked to uncover how much the entire hair industry is taking advantage of unknowing hair buyers, who are unaware that they are buying low quality products at unjustifiable prices.

The two further explored what made the grade of the hair "good" and other hair "bad.

After creating connections with dozens manufactures in China and India, the two knew they were on to something.

He uncovered that the bulk of 4a-6a grade were mixed with animal, synthetic or multiple donors to make the hair look and feel fuller. He also discovered that most of the hair claims of being Virgin and/or Remy were simply false.

Wanting to help educate African American Hair Buyers, Brandon used further connections to show samples of the hair samples he collected to few high-profiled hairstylist which are well known in the industry for their weaving skills.

After hearing associates describe the hair samples as "ooh it’s pretty" or “this is some pretty hair," he quickly decided on starting hair own collection named "Jolie Cheveux" French for "pretty hair". The decision on a French name was chosen because of the word “Remy” has French origins. Since Remy Human Hair, which is what Jolie Cheveux sell, is the highest grade of real human hair, Jolie Hair Collections and itsprettyhair.com was created. 


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