Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer versatility and freedom when styling your hair by filling in volume, creating texture, and adding to your natural hair. It’s important not only to know how to properly attach the extensions in with your natural hair but also to understand the quality of the product that you’re purchasing. Unfortunately, there are some marketing tactics built into the hair extension market designed to confuse buyers. This is a simple guide to ensure that you really know what you’re buying.

Remy hair has been collected by a hair donor and the title verifies its highest level quality grade and authenticity. The cuticles of the hair are kept intact during the entire process so that the hair extensions retain their softness and shine and also remain tangle free. Protecting the cuticles allows the hair to fall in its natural state and retain alignment to avoid matting and tangling. Remy hair, unlike many lower grades of hair extensions, does not undergo an acid bath or use of silicone treatments to achieve an artificial shine and texture that will soon wear or wash off. If you’re interested in purchasing hair extensions that are made of real hair, retain nature shape and softness, will not mat and tangle, and is set to strict quality standards, make sure that you purchase Remy hair.

REMI hair, on the other hand, is a marketing term designed to confuse buyers. Produced with plastic or synthetic material, REMI hair is designed to feel like real hair and may pass to an uninformed consumer but the false patterning style does not act, hang, or store like authentic hair. You’re likely to find REMI hair in beauty supply stores and beauty chains because of the low cost and cheap production but don’t fall for the scam. Remember that only 100% real Remy hair is worth the investment and placing low-quality synthetic REMI extensions in with your natural hair may even result in damage.

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