Why Jolie Cheveux?

At Jolie Cheveux, we understand that you take pride in looking your absolute best. That's why we only offer the highest quality hair that are specifically designed to not only meet the expectations of our customers, but to exceed them as well.

There are a number of reasons why we think that you'll not only love the hair that we offer but you'll love Jolie Cheveux as a company, too.

The Highest Quality Grade Available

Hair grade is a tool that is used to indicate the quality of the hair in the hair industry. The grade of the hair is what determines how “good hair  or bad the hair” determined. Hair grades of 5A-6A is what is traditionally  sold within the United Stated, which is considered 50-60% quality grade. At Jolie Cheveux, we supply 90-100% quality grade only, which is 9A-10A in the hair industry. With the hair supply originating from young donors, this ensures the youth and purity of the hair. Once our suppliers receive the hair it does not undergo any bleaching, dying or processing. 

Double Weft vs Single Weft

Our hair is double stitched, meaning it’s double stitched at the top, but free flowing at the bottom like a curtain. This double stitching technique is commonly known as a double weft. Double weft procedure helps make sure that the hair is both strong and full at the same time, minimizing shedding.

Competitive Pricing

When compared to other Luxury Hair Suppliers, Jolie Cheveux pricing is 20-30% less expensive. Where competitors charge $150 for 12”inches of hair, we appropriately offer a higher grade of hair for only $108-115.For the inexpensive price you'd pay for 5A-6A grade hair with someone else, you'll get 9A-10A grade from us.

Free Shipping

We stand behind our product by offering free shipping to anywhere in the world. We will deliver our product to you for free. To offer convenience and eliminate the hassle we will ship to you anywhere.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our talented staff is trained, hired and placed with the care required to cater to your every needed on current and future orders, as well as on questions, comments, concerns and other issues that may come up.

Our promise to you in our customer service department is to answer every question, concern or problem that you may have. And you will always receive a response as quickly as possible, as no call goes unanswered and no question goes unresolved.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe that you will be 100% satisfied with each and every order you place. Because we take our suppliers through a rigorous questionnaire about what it is we want and we only want the best! Once we have questioned our suppliers and they have passed, we get the supply and only offer the best because of this process. Giving our customers the finest quality hair and the best possible experience is our ultimate goal. Jolie Cheveux wants to guarantee that each and every customer has the Pretty Hair experience they've always wanted.


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